Board of Directors

Each of our board members has a personal connection to ALS, and each is active in the management of The ALS Emergency Treatment Fund.

Wanda Hobbs
Wanda is a senior financial executive in the industrial manufacturing space. She has managed all aspects of her company’s financing and inventory management for over 25 years. Wanda is a recognized leader in project management and profitability strategies. In 2011 Wanda became an advisor for an ALS patient advocacy organization and has represented that organization in meetings with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Lynn Klein
Lynn is a Trustee Emeritus of the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation. After 30 years of research and clinical work in ALS, she has made eight written publications, three film appearances, and eighteen speaking engagements on the topics of ALS clinical care, ethics and the law. She was vice president of patient service for the national ALS Association and thereafter became executive vice president of the National Organization for Rare Disorders(NORD). Lynn was involved in the only two large scale expanded access programs in the history of ALS: myotrophin and riluzole.
Jess Rabourn
Jess is a trained institutional investor with 15 years experience in both public and private placements, including work at Morgan Stanley, Thomson Financial, and Allianz Global Investors. In 2009, Jess launched Partnership for Compassionate Use Therapies, a non-profit platform to bring existing drug programs into clinical trial for serious rare diseases. In 2011 he and three partners raised private capital for PCUT Bio Partners, a commercial drug company focusing on breakthrough diseases. He has spoken at several conferences on the topics of expanded access programs(EAP), early approval mechanisms for breakthrough therapeutics, and de-risking early stage clinical development.
Eric Valor
Eric is a celebrated patient advocate in the ALS community. He was presented with ALS-TDI’s 2010 Stephen Milne Award for his leadership in conducting thorough independent research and sharing it with the community. After a 20 year career in information technology, Eric is now the co-founder of an ALS drug development venture, and he consults for other non-profit and commercial development programs in ALS. He is recognized in the open-science space for his initiatives to utilize patient-driven studies in the determination of therapeutic benefit.
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